• 01.09.2009: Philip Langer and Konrad Wieland will give a demo and present a poster of the Operation Recorder at the OOPSLA 2009.
  • 27.08.2009: The Paper Why Model Versioning Research is Needed!? – An Experience Report has been accepted for MoDSE-MCCM at MODELS 2009.
  • 30.06.2009: The Paper An Example is Worth a Thousand Words: Composite Operation Modeling By-Example has been accepted for MODELS 2009 as a full paper in the Scientific Track.
  • 05.05.2009: Our questionnaire is online. 
  • 04.05.2009: The paper Mining of Model Repositories for Decision Support in Model Versioning has been accepted for the Second Model-Driven Tool & Process Integration Workshop
  • 04.05.2009: The paper We can work it out: Collaborative Conflict Resolution in Model Versioning has been accepted for the European Conference on  Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2009
  • 01.04.2009: Konrad Wieland joined the AMOR team.
  • 01.03.2009: Philip Langer joined the AMOR team.