Departement of Telecooperation/Information Systems Group

  Johannes Kepler University



Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) is one of the largest academic institutions in Austria. The Department of Telecooperation (TK) and the Information Systems Group (IFS), being the two main protagonists of AMOR at the JKU have a strong tradition in teaching and research in telemedia systems, software technology for telecooperation, conceptual modelling, integration engineering, context-aware systems and database systems. Specifically, the focus of both departments has centered around semantic technologies for ubiquitous systems and model-driven development stretching over application domains like tourism management systems, e-commerce, and e-inclusion.


  • Kerstin Altmanninger
  • Angelika Kusel
  • Philip Langer
  • Werner Retschitzegger
  • Wieland Schwinger