Benchmark for Versioning Systems


A Benchmark for the Evaluation of Model Versioning Systems


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 In the following we present a collection of test cases aiming at the evaluation of model versioning systems.

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Class Diagram


 Add Different Class


Description: Two different classes (different identity) are added to one diagram


Origin Version: diagram containing one class A

Working Copy 1 (V0'): class B is added

Working Copy 2 (V0''): class C is added

Expected Conflicts:none

Expected Merge Result: diagram includes class B and class C

Add Reference

Description: Two different associations are added between two classes.

Origin Version:Two unconnected classes A and B.

Working Copy 1 (V0'):The association x is added between A and B.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): The association y is added between A and B

Expected Conflicts: none

Expected Merge Result:Both associations are included.


Unit of Consistency

Description:  This scenario tests the granularity of the conflict detection.Two properties of an attribute are changed independently.

Origin Version A class Person with the attributes name and birthday.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): The attribute birthday is renamed to dateOfBirth.

Working Copy 2 (V0''):The attribute birthday is set to private.

Expected Conflicts:none

Expected Merge Result:Both changes are included in the merged version.


Rename vs. Move

Description:  This scenario tests the consideration of refactorings or the correct handling of a move vs. a rename

Origin Version:A class containing at least one operation.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): The operation is moved into a superclass.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): The same operation is renamed.

Expected Conflicts:none

Expected Merge Result:Renamed operation is in the superclass.


 Rename Class

Description:The same property is changed in different manners.

Origin Version:A class with name A

Working Copy 1 (V0'):Class A is renamed to B

Working Copy 2 (V0''):Class A is renamed to C

Expected Conflicts: Concurrent Overlapping Changes. Contradiciting, overlapping modification

Expected Merge Result: User decision is necessary



Description: A containment relationship is added to a class which is concurrently deleted. This scenario tests whether a delete is correctly propagated to contained elements if the containment is expressed in a language specific way and not physically existing in the model.

Origin Version:The origin model contains two classes (Person and Car)

Working Copy 1 (V0'): Deletion of a class.

Working Copy 2 (V0''):Addition of a (language specific) containment relationship for the class the other modeler deleted.

Expected Conflicts: Concurrent Overlapping Changes. Delete Update Conflict including the mark that Engine is deleted logically.

Expected Merge Result:Only the Person Class is kept or both Car and Engine are kept in the model.



Add Same Class


Description:  A class with the same name is added in both working copies.

Origin Version:A single class A.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): A class B is added.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): A class B is added.

Expected Conflicts: Overlapping Concurrent Changes. It should be reported that the same model element has been added.

Expected Merge Result: The merge ends up in model with class A and only one class B.


Contradiction in Hierarchy

Description: This scenario tests whether contradicting intentions of the operations are correctly considered. From a syntactic point of view a naive merge would not report any conflicts.

Origin Version: Two classes with the same two methods each.

Working Copy 1 (V0'):Refactoring: Extract abstract super class pulling up two methods.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): Refactoring: Extract abstract interface pulling up two methods but leaving the implementation in the concrete class.

Expected Conflicts: Equivalent Overlapping Changes. It should be indicated that the overlapping express similar intensions.

Expected Merge Result: User has to be asked which operation should be omitted.


Dangling Reference


Description: One modeler adds an association to a class wheras the other removes this class.

Origin Version:Two classes which are not connected.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): The attribute of the Person class are movd to Passport and Person is removed.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): An association is added.

Expected Conflicts: Syntax Conflict. The merged model would contain a dangling reference.

Expected Merge Result:User has to be asked which operation should be performed.


Inheritance Cycle

Description: The merged concurrent modifications result in an inheritance cycle.

Origin Version:Three classes A, B, C where A is a superclass of B.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): A inherits from C.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): C inherits from B.

Expected Conflicts: Syntactic Conflict. Violation of the metamodel should be reported.

Expected Merge Result: One solution has to be selected.


Contradiction in Reference

Description: Combining the changes of both modelers results in a violation of the metamodel.


Origin Version: The classes Car and Engine are related by an association.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): The multiplicity is set to unbound.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): The composition property is set to true.

Expected Conflicts: Syntactic Conflict. It should be reported that the merged version would contain a composition with an multiplicity higher than one.

Expected Merge Result: One change has to be selected. As the modifications also reflect different intensions of the two modlers (types vs. instances of Engine), a redesign might be necessary.


Inheritance of Methods

Description: Due to concurrent modifications, a new class inherits some methods which it did not inherit in the original model.

Origin Version:A model containing three classes where two classes inhert from a common super class. These two classes contain the same method.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): The method contained in both subclasses is shifted into the superclass.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): A new class is added which also inherits from the superclass.

Expected Conflicts:A semantic conflict. Maybe it is not intended that the new class inherits the shifted method.

Expected Merge Result: Depending on the modeler' intension. No automatic decision possible.


Semantics in Associations

Description: Two modelers  express the same information in different ways.

Origin Version:A class person is given.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): One modeler adds an association with role parent and children to express that a Person may have some children.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): The other modeler adds two associations, one for the mother and one for the father of a Person. 

Expected Conflicts: Semantic conflict. The same facts (namly that the parents (mother and father) of a Person are Persons and that the children of a Person are Persons.

Expected Merge Result: One solution has to be chosen.


Delete/Update Class

Description: The property of a class is modified and the same class is concurrently deleted.

Origin Version:One class Entity.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): The class Entity is deleted.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): The class Entity is renamed to Person.

Expected Conflicts:Overlapping Concurrent Changes.

Expected Merge Result: One solution has to be selected.


Add/Delete Element

Description:The container of a new element is deleted.

Origin Version:One class Personwithout attributes.

Working Copy 1 (V0'): Class Person is deleted.

Working Copy 2 (V0''): An attribute name is added to Person.

Expected Conflicts:Concurrent Overlapping Changes.

Expected Merge Result: One solution has to be selected.


Sequence Diagram

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State Chart

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Test Reports